Development of competencies for integrated approach of patients: The homeopathic approach as a reference in the education of medical students

Sandra Abrahão Chaim Salles



The present article describes the results of an exploratory study conducted with undergraduate medical students after participating in a curricular internship in homeopathy as a requirement of discipline “Academic integration – community service”. A semi-structured questionnaire was applied to 72 students at the end of the term to assess the repercussion of their homeopathic experience on their professional formation. The results indicate that homeopathy might represent an effective strategy to promote teaching-learning experiences contributing to the humanistic formation of doctors able to approach patients in an integrated manner.



Homeopathy; Medical education; Humanization; Empathy; Clinical internship


Homeopatia; Educação médica; Humanização; Empatia; Estágio clinico

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