Report on the use of homeopathic medication in the prophylaxis of dengue in Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais, Brazil in 2010

Claudia Prass Santos, Nina Teresa Brina, Ione Lima Magalhães, Iracy Aparecida Ansaloni Soares




Facing the possibility of an outbreak of dengue in Belo Horizonte as a function of index LIRa (Fast Survey of Aedes aegypti) of 2.2% in October 2009, the Program of Homeopathy, Acupuncture and Anthroposophy (PRHOAMA) of the National Health System (SUS-BH) suggested performing homeopathic prophylaxis of dengue in 2010. The medication was mainly selected based on master dissertation “Homeopathy in collective health: contribution to the study of epidemics”, and thus a complex comprising Eupatorium perfoliatum 30 cH, Phosphorus 30 cH, and Crotalus horridus 30 cH was used. A “D-day”, Saturday March 6 2010, was establish to start the administration of this medication on free demand at the Basic Health Units (UBS) including homeopathic or antroposophic doctors. On March 10, however, the Municipal Health Secretary ruled that the homeopathic medication could be only delivered with a medical prescription. The campaign was well received by the Assistance Management and by the Sanitary Districts (DS) managers. The population adherence to the medication was high, however, as a function of the administrative restriction, a little more than 51,000 doses (12.75%) from the 400,000 that were purchased were used. Even so, some UBS achieved coverage indices close to the recommended one (40% of the population). In regard to the ratio of doses used to the incidence of cases of dengue between January 1 and October 1 2010, UBS Pilar, at DS Barreiro stands out, since it achieved 38% of coverage, and exhibited the lowest incidence of dengue in Belo Horizonte, to a total of 11 confirmed cases. In DS Leste, UBS Boa Vista achieved coverage of 37.5%, and exhibited the second lowest incidence, to a total of 81 confirmed cases. UBS São Francisco achieved 30% of coverage, and exhibited the lowest number of cases (216) at DS Pampulha. We conclude that further evidence was found on the adequacy of homeopathy in the prevention of dengue.



Dengue; Prophylaxis: Homeopathy 


Dengue; Profilaxia; Homeopatia

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