Effects of homeopathic high dilutions on in vitro models: literature review

Silvia Waisse


Background: the effects of homeopathic high dilutions (HDs) are controversial because they exceed Avogadro’s number. Aim: to perform a literature review on the effects of HDs on in vitro models. Methods: a systematic search was performed in database PubMed for studies assessing simple HDs on in vitro models published from 2007 onward. Results: 28 publications met the inclusion/exclusion criteria; 26 studies demonstrated patent effects of simple HDs on in vitro models; most such studies were conducted in countries where homeopathy attained a high level of institutionalization. Conclusions: in vitro models patently evidence biological activity of HDs above Avogadro’s number and account for effects found in clinical practice. Most studies were conducted in countries where homeopathy is officially recognized, which facilitates access to resources for the development of research.


Homeopathy; High dilutions; In vitro models; Review

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