Do homeopathic medicines induce symptoms in apparently healthy volunteers? The Brazilian contribution to the debate on homeopathic pathogenetic trials

Flávio Dantas


Homeopathic pathogenetic trials (HPT) are designed to identify specific and characteristic symptoms in apparently health individuals exposed to homeopathic medicines, so that the latter might be indicated following comparison to the patient’s symptoms. The original methodological guidelines for HPTs were established by Hahnemann, who advocated rigorous methods likely to lead to conclusions free from any conjecture. With the advances in scientific methods, new guidelines were formulated to improve the methodological quality of HPT. Relevant scientific contributions were made by Brazilian researchers in this field, resulting in original studies or innovations in methods. The validity and reliability of the clinical information acquired from HPT are fundamental for the success of homeopathic clinical practice. 


Homeopathy; Homeopathic pathogenetic trials; Materia medica; Homeopathic clinical logic

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